1000 Memories of 1976 by Phil Andrews

1976 was the greatest year to have been alive. Ever. That's according to a study undertaken in 2004 by the prestigious New Economics Foundation.

It is also the view of well over a thousand contributors to this extensive compendium of memories, anecdotes and testimonies from people who were there, enjoying the long hot summer and the unique music and culture which helped us to forget the economic adversity and the geopolitical travails which equally came to define that period. As inflation ran rampant and military superpowers squared up to one another in proxy confrontations all around the globe, the children of the age boogied obliviously in their flares and platforms - until punk came onto the scene and changed so much for so many.

1000 Memories Of 1976 collates the memories and recollections of folks of a certain age not just in the UK but across the water too, where they had a thing going called the US Bicentennial which was rather a big deal. This fusion of important historic events with cultural timelines is what makes the seventies in general, and 1976 in particular, such a uniquely beautiful time to have been around.

Published as a supplement to The Best Year Of Our Lives, a fictional novel set in that memorable year, 1000 Memories of 1976 nevertheless stands tall in its own right as a timeless chronicle of a wonderful era.

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