Saturday, 30 December 2017

Beautiful Handmade Themed Products from Love Bees

Beautiful Handmade Themed Products From Love Bees Etsy The Best Year Of Our Lives Phil Andrews

I was very pleasantly surprised when my old mate Tim Pyle turned up unannounced on my doorstep this evening, considering that he lives these days in some remote Arthurian backwater out Wales way.

As it happens he was delivering my daughter's late Christmas present on his way back from Griffin Park (the home of Brentford Football Club, at least for the time being), a beautiful Love Bees necklace lovingly crafted by his better half.

I bought a few items from Love Bees just before Christmas and they were all quite stunning, really beautiful pieces all hand-made and featuring the trademark bee painted in striking colours and set over heart pendants, trinket boxes, brooches and more besides - and very reasonably priced too.

I can't recommend these enough, take a look at the Love Bees Facebook Page or on Etsy and see for yourself.

Please give them a "Like" while you're at it and support an old Isleworth boy and his Brentford-supporting clan.

And what connection does all this have to my novel The Best Year Of Our Lives, which after all is what this blog is about? Only Tim knows that, but be assured it has one.

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