1976: The Return of the Thin White Duke by Phil Andrews

As a seventies performer David Bowie is probably best remembered for his Ziggy Stardust persona - the androgynous, technicolour rock star from another world who came to save the planet.

But for many the Thin White Duke was Bowie’s most creative incarnation. He was certainly the darkest, soberly dressed in black waistcoat and white shirt, with swept back hair and a dodgy line in political theory. The stiff Aryan aristocrat who longed to feel human emotion but was too cold and detached to reach out from beyond his cocaine-fuelled existence, living in Los Angeles but pining to return to his cultural roots in Europe.

1976: The Return Of The Thin White Duke provides a concise but unique insight into the character and also the mindset of his creator, analysing his words and lyrics as well as his sometimes erratic deeds and trying to place them into some kind of historical perspective.

Published as a supplement to the novel The Best Year Of Our Lives, the booklet nevertheless stands alone in its own right as a work of research and of original comment.

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  1. A great new perspective on the important Bowie character the bios and documentaries stay clear of.